Lake Cowal Gold Mine at West Wyalong

The Lake Cowal gold mine West Wyalong was sold recently by Barrick Gold to Evolution Mining for $US550 million. The Cowal mine has produced over 250,000 ounces of gold per year over the past 10 years. The mine is located approximately 40 kilometres north east of West Wyalong and is said to have a history of stable, large scale, low cost gold production. The Mine is situated at the edge of Lake Cowal. Lake Cowal is normally dry, however it does fill in times of heavy rain. Evolution Mining at Lake Cowal brings many contractors to West Wyalong particularly at times when the mine shuts for maintenance work to be carried out.

West Wyalong Motel Accommodation

Over the years, a number of mine workers have chosen to stay at Mayfair Motel where they have enjoyed West Wyalong motel accommodation. There are welders, drillers, electricians, fire safety servicemen and pest exterminators just to name a few. Staying at Mayfair Motel means you can enjoy a range of room types that are comfortable, clean and in a great location. Walk to down town West Wyalong where you will find a great range of cafes, restaurants, pubs and shops. Everything you need for your West Wyalong stay is at your fingertips when you stay at Mayfair Motel.  We acknowledges the benefits that Evolution Mining brings to West Wyalong and thank them for being valued clients that choose to stay with us at Mayfair Motel. For your West Wyalong motel accommodation needs, ring us today on 02 6972 2788 we’d love to see you.