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Graeme and Anne at Behind The Gate Collectables have an amazing private collection of Australian rural and heritage items. This collection includes old sheep shearing equipment, blaksmith’s tools, old machinery (some in working condition) and the very famous Furphy water tanks.





Graeme and Anne have agreed to display this wonderful collection to the public (by appointment only)



The term “Furphy” is often used when someone is exaggerating meaning he is telling a fib. This slang originated during the war years when the Furphy water carts were used to supply water to the soldiers. The driver of course was a source of information and would carry tales from one group to another and in typical Aussie fashion would colour up the story a little. By the time the tale got to the end of the line it was so exaggerated that the soldiers coined the phrase “he is telling a Furphy” This explanation was told to me by Graeme of Behind The Gate Collectables who is also a great source of information of old historical matters.








Some of Graeme’s collection he would not part with but he does have some items for sale. These for sale items include old wares, metal art and hat racks etc.




Some of Graeme’s items can also be viewed at the Mayfair Motel Gallery.

You can contact Graeme by phoning 0459 722 061 or by visiting Mayfair Motel.