West Wyalong Model Aircraft

National Model Aircraft Competitions are held at the Jo and Adrian Bryant Free Flight Fields at West Wyalong on a regular basis.

The next competition is a National Competition and will comprise lots of different types of flying with a large number of competitors taking part. The competition commences Sunday 22nd April 2018 and finishes Monday 30th. Quite a few of the competitors, Australians as well as some from as far away as China and America have previously stayed at Mayfair Motel.

For someone like myself who has never been involved with model aircraft it was very interesting to see the planes and the preparation for flying that takes place. Planes were often seen under the large covered car parking area at Mayfair Motel with owners tinkering and adjusting in preparation for the coming competition.

Then there were the stories of planes being carried away by the strong winds that came up on the last day causing the owners to find them via their on board location beacons. To add to this the descriptions of how the planes were retrieved from high in the trees in some cases was quite amusing.

Regular competitions take place at the West Wyalong Free Flight Field that is located about 15 minutes drive from the West Wyalong town centre. I believe this field is the only one in Australia owned by the flyers and was only recently opened (2014)

More information on model aircraft can be obtained at www.nswffs.com.au

Model aircraft seems to be a hobby that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can be entered into very inexpensively or to whatever level you require.

Mayfair West Wyalong Motel accommodation is the place to stay when visiting for Model aircraft or for any other reason.