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West Wyalong Eucalyptus Oil

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West Wyalong is one of only a few places in Australia that produce pure Eucalyptus Oil

Pure Eucalyptus oil is a process of harvesting leaves from the Blue Mallee and then distilling oil from those leaves. This production process is carried out by Arcadia Oils  Blue Mallee Eucalyptus Farm of West Wyalong.





Oil from the Blue Mallee (Eucalyptus Polybractea) has been produced in the West Wyalong district since the early 1900’s. The oil produced is a pure product with no additives and is environmentally friendly.

Eucalyptus oil has many uses, some of which are;

For use when cleaning bathrooms etc as it leaves a refreshing smell.

Can be used as an air freshener.

Used as an additive when washing work clothes to help clean as well as to provide a fresh smell.



This is a brief overview of  Eucalyptus oil, much more information on the production and uses of this product can be obtained by contacting Gaye Wheatley on 0404 152 731.

Arcadia Oils are on display and for sale in the Gallery at Mayfair Motel West Wyalong or they  can be purchased direct from Gaye by contacting her at Wheatleys Wares (Thursday to Sunday)